Restricting disposable plastics at Bombay Express

We got involved in the initiative #dostbyloplastu within thee project ČR2013 with the aim to reduce the waste of disposable plastics..

In Czechia we currently have eight branches across Prague, one in Pilsen and one in Olomouc.  In some of them you can eat our meals with classic cutlery, in others it is not possible, nevertheless we are trying to find some solution.

We are trying to reduce the plastic waste also in following areas:

  • straws are given to customer only on request; we use an eco friendly variant (corn, paper)
  • for some of our popular beverages we have introduced an ecological variant for take away – refillable glass bottles
  • we allow to our customers to bring their own box/container for food or cup for drink

We want to reduce the amount of disposable plastics produced both in our branches and used for take away.